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Africa is a continent rich in history and it is not surprising that claims one of the oldest existing martial arts. Its varied landscape consists of stretches of deserts, lush jungles, savanna and other extraordinary views, it reflected in the diversity of his martial arts, which, together with those of the Middle East and Central Asia, are undoubtedly among the most fascinating of the world.
The first evidence of martial arts in Africa are found in the tombs of Beni Hasan in Egypt, dating from between 2040 and 1785 BC, during the Middle Kingdom. In the tombs, archaeologists have uncovered paintings wrestlers engaged in techniques such as punches, kicks, throws and locking of joints.
Many martial Arzi and various forms of struggle, are very common in Africa, and are traditionally associated with agricultural ceremonies and rituals of courtship, most commonly in Nigeria, Sudan, Senegal, Cameroon and Gambia.

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