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Cha-Quan (Chinese: 查拳; Hanyu Pinyin: ZhaquŠn)
Is a Chinese martial art that features graceful movements and some acrobatic aerial maneuvers. Cha-Quan also includes a large range of weapons.
Cha-Quan falls under the classification ChŠngquŠn (literally "long fist"), a general term for external Northern Chinese martial arts, which are known for their extended, long movements.
Cha-Quan is associated with the Hui people. One famous master of Chaquan was the famous Wang Zi-Ping (Chinese: 王子平), who was known for his great strength. Other famous modern day masters include Zhang Wenguang, Ma Jinbiao, and Liu Hongchi.
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Cha-Quan is one of the sources of the contemporary wushý ChŠngquŠn often seen in movies and tournaments. Chaquan is a system that has 6 main weapons (staff, saber, sword, spear, kwandao, hookswords).It emphasizes long range movements and stances combined with speed and power. The style includes many forms, including 10 lines of tantui for basic power training, 10 longer sets of chaquan, and other forms as well. (source citation )

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