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Choy Gar, also Caijia Quan (Chinese: 蔡家拳, Choy family fist)
Is a Chinese martial art deriving its name from Choy Gau Lee (蔡九儀) (Choy Tsing Hung) and is one of the five main family styles of Kung Fu in Southern China. The style emphasizes swift footwork and rapid strikes.
Choy Gar kung fu is based on short and rhythmic techniques which minimizes the area the opponent can attack which in turn becomes an effective self-defense (this is very individual and relies upon each and every student's way of building up lower body strength).

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Choy gar is a self-defense style that practices low stances and swift footwork. The body and arms are meant to resemble the quick attacking movements of the snake. Unlike the northern Shaolin styles which have wider, more open techniques, Choy Gar's short and swift movements are better suited for the crowded alleys and streets of densely populated southern China. The low stance and power in the techniques will in time develop an inner strength within the practitioner. This is the basic foundation for creating effective movements, abilities and actions of the body.
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