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Dog Kung Fu, i.e. Gou quŠn (狗拳), i.e. DžshýquŠn (地术拳)
One of the legends on the origins of Dog Kung Fu says that in the southern area of China in Fujian Province, resided the White Lotus(白蓮) temple, where often the nuns who were admitted previously lived secular lives. At that time women were often subjugated to the practice of footbinding. Therefore, any practice that required standing physical exertion was difficult in the least and practically impossible at worst. In response to these physical constraints, the nuns developed a system of fighting that they could use to defend themselves from bandits and wild animals.

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While sharing many similar features to styles like Wuzuquan, Huzunquan, and many others from the same region, this southern style of Chinese boxing has the unique feature of specializing in takedowns, Chin Na, and ground fighting while often taking advantage of utilizing techniques from an inferior position. This martial art also teaches Iron Shirt and Iron Palm fighting methods as well as specialized leaping techniques. Its creation is traditionally credited to a Buddhist nun who developed the style to defend herself from bandits on her travels.
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