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Hua Quan (simplified Chinese: 华拳)
Is a style of Long Fist Kung Fu (Changquan) which is believed to have originated in the Former Song Dynasty (420-479 AD) around the Hua Shan (Hua Mountain) area of Shaanxi Province. There are written legends from the Kaiyuan reign (713-741 AD) of the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD) about a Mount Hua knight named Cai Mao, who was famous for his prowess in combat and swordplay. Apparently Cai Mao had killed an enemy, a noble from Chang'an and had to go into hiding to escape the family's wrath.
400 years later we hear of Cai's descendants, Cai Tai and Cai Gang of Jining in Shandong Province; were reputed using the Hua Quan style in public competitions.

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Hua Quan is an old style with a huge repertoire of techniques and forms. It stands as a complete system of martial art. There are traditionally 48 hand sets to master in the system, including:
the 12 core forms, 12 advanced forms called roads, sparring sets, Chin Na, long and short weapons sets and specialized training methods.
As the style spread throughout the region, it became named after its place of origin- the Hua Shan area around Shaanxi Province. A highly developed style, there is an old saying in a form of a poem that basically states "knowing the 48 hand sets of Hua Quan, one can travel anywhere under the heavens."
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