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Hung Fut (Chinese: 洪佛)
Is a southern style of Chinese martial art, first developed in the early 1800s by Lei Jou Fun 李祖寬 and widely practiced today.
Hung Fut is truly an original martial art form from China. Its roots go back to the Shaolin temple. Hung Fut is a modified fighting form that has brought together the combined knowledge of many kung fu masters and styles. All Hung Fut forms start with the left side of the body.

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Hung Fut is considered to be a hybrid system. Its philosophies are a mixture of two martial art systems: the powerful, hard style of Hung Gar with the flowing soft style of Buddha's palm (Fut Gar). The system is based on various fighting forms that develop body co-ordination. Hung Fut is a combat method that uses economy of movement in order to achieve efficiency. Its strategies are to try to throw the opponent into an awkward position that makes defense difficult and counter attack unlikely. There is no need to keep contact with an opponent, as the system uses interchangeable and flexible movements.
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