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Piguaquan (Traditional Chinese: 劈掛拳, literally "chop-hanging fist"), also known as Piguazhang (劈掛掌, "chop-hanging palm") due to its emphasis on palm techniques, is often practiced along with Bajiquan (八極拳, literally "eight extremes fist") and is a style of wushu (Chinese martial arts) that features explosive, long-range power.
It originated in Cangzhou, a prefecture in Hebei Province of North China, but today is also well known in other locales, including Taiwan.

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Piguaquan's power is from the accelerational force of the arms which are often in rotation. The hip movement in Piguaquan is more subtle and gentle compared to Bajiquan, because you only need enough to guide the big chops whereas in Bajiquan, the hammers, punches, elbows and swings rely completely on the quick and powerful rotation of the hips, and sink to bring its power out.
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