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While today the martial arts known as Lama Pai, Tibetan White Crane, and Hop Gar exist as relatively distinct lineages and/or organizations, all originated with a single figure known as Sing Lung who arrived in Guangdong Province during the Qing Dynasty and taught a martial art then known as "Lion's Roar" (獅子吼). This article will attempt to explain the history of the tradition as a whole, the current differences between the lineages / organizations and also their common traits.
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Lama Pai, Hop Gar and Tibetan White Crane all share these common theories.
The Eight Character True Essence: ôStrike the place that has a pulse, never a place that has no pulse, and stretch the arms out while keeping the body away".
Chan (ruthlessness): Chan represents the mental state that must be achieved. When attacked, there is no room for ambivalence or hesitation. The student must commit themselves to being totally ruthless. All strikes must be executed full force, and all blocking motions must destroy the opponent's limbs.

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