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Sqay is a South Asian martial art originating in the former state of Kashmir. It is today practiced mainly in what are now Azad Kashmir in Pakistan and the Kashmir Valley in India. Armed sqay makes use of a curved single-edge sword paired with a shield, while unarmed techniques incorporate kicks, punches, locks and chops.
The early history of sqay is limited to mythology. Folklore traces it to remote antiquity several thousand years ago, as far back as the ancient Kashmiri flood myth. The Shaivite snake-worshipping Naga people are said to have created the art prior to the Indo-Aryan invasions, and it was later patronised by kings.

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Sqay competition typically involves sparring, breaking and preset routines. Competitors use a stick to simulate a sword, paired with a shield. Specifics of the regulations differ slightly between gender and age groups, such as the size of the arena or the duration of a bout.
Under the International Council Of Sqay's rules, the sword (tora or tura) is made of synthetic fibre covered in leather. Depending on age group, it measures 2-2.6 feet long. The sword is paired with a shield (bargula) measuring 9-19 inches in diameter, also covered in leather. The official uniform is blue, sometimes with red or yellow piping, consisting of trousers and a cross-front jacket with a belt around the waist.
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Sqay Martial Arts


Sqay Martial Arts


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