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Bakti Negara is a style of pencak silat from Bali. It is firmly rooted in the old Hindu beliefs and philosophies of Indonesia. The words bakti and negara mean devotion and country respectively.
Bakti Negara was officially created on 31 January 1955 in Banjar Kaliungu Kaja of Denpasar, Bali by four freedom-fighters who were veterans in Indonesia's struggle for independence from the Dutch. They were Anak Agung Rai Tokir, I Bagus Made Rai Keplag, Anak Agung Meranggi and Sri Empu Dwi Tantra. The task of leading and managing Bakti Negara was given to Ida Bagus Oka Dewangkara.
After 1968 Bakti Negara underwent a period of further development during the transition from the older to the new generation.

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Some movements reveal the influence of Balinese dances and performing arts like the Barong dance. Although the style is very much self-defence oriented, its practitioners also participate in modern competitions and have achieved some important victories in many regional, national and international tournaments.
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Bakti Negara Pencak Silat techniques.


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