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Kyŏksul ( Kyok , poking, prodding, hitting, attacking, ' Sul , mostly, art, technology, Fighting with consideration ' Gjogsul written) is a martial art from North Korea that there especially within the Korean People's Army is practiced. She was also in Eastern Europe in the countries of the former Warsaw Pact spread.
To Kyŏksul be entwines the legend that in 1926 by Kim Il-sung to fighting the Japanese was developed. It should be made taekkyeon have developed.
Kyŏksul was developed to fight against the more muscular, larger Europeans in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. Further developments are to be vonstattengegangen by the conflict with South Korea, as an existing from hand techniques underwater technology.

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Inside Outside Kick Break (Kyok Pa)


Pituro chagi Kyok Pa SBN Kim (corea)


Cours kyok défense 03 04 2014 avec Mickael


Kyok Pa de Três Telhas


Ridge Hand Break (Kyok Pa)


Jump Front Kick Break (Kyok Pa)


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...soon online!!!

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