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Kong Soo Do (공수도) is a Korean martial art. Its name is composed of the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese characters for "karate-do". In English it means "empty-hand way". However, it is different from karate-do. It is influenced by individual backgrounds of instructors.
"Chosun Yun Moo Kwan (sometimes Yun Mu Kwan) Kong Soo Do Bu" and "YMCA Kwon Bop Bu", Two of the original five Kwans used the Kong So Do name in its youth. They were "Chosun Yun Moo Kwan Kong Soo Do Bu" which later changed its name to "Jidokwan", and the YMCA Kwon Bop Bu, which later changed its name to Chang Moo Kwan. Yun Moo Kwan's founder Chun Sang Sup learned Okinawan Karate from Gichin Funakoshi.
Chun had a very close relationship with Yoon, Byung-In who founder of YMCA Kwon Bop Bu. Chun and Yoon would travel to train with other martial artists, sometimes traveling to Manchuria. They trained with each other so much that they became known as brothers.[1] Chun went missing during the Korean War; subsequently, this kwan voted to change its name to Jidokwan. After Chun disappeared in Korean War, the original students of Chun voted Master Yon who Trained in Chuan Fa in Manchuria as Jidokwan 1st President.
Kwon Bop Bu/Chang Moo Kwan - founded in 1947 by Byung In Yoon who had studied Chinese kung fu (chu'an-fa, or 'fist law') in Manchuria and okinawan versions of Chinese martial arts karate with Kanken Toyama in Japan. When Yoon trained karate at university karate club in Japan with Kanken Toyama, Japanese karate students pursued the Korean student and beat them up. Yoon Byung-in angered from the Japanese karate students, Yoon Byung-in sprung into action using Chuan-fa.

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