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A Secret Martial Art of the Korean Elite Warriors is said to have origins in the Korean Three kindom period, dated back more than 1800 years ago .The Three Kingdoms of what is now known as Korea today were named: Koguryo, Paekche & Silla.This era in Korean history was known as the warring period which battles,wars and invasions from neighbouring countries took place. Silla one of the smallest of the three kingdoms, developed a unique military called The "Hwarang" with strong Martial Arts training and Code of Honour.The Hwarang being victorious in many wars and battles in the Three kingdom period helped conquer Koguryo and Paekche, thus helping in the unification of what is known today as Korea.

In the past years many martial arts teachers and instructors have experience in many different forms of Martial Arts and have combined their opinions and techniques to their styles forming an evolution in all Martial Arts systems.Modern day Sul sa do is different to its ancient style being influenced and perfected during the modern times, but its moral way and code of Honour are of far more importance following its traditional roots of origin.Classic weapon forms, meditation and discipline are taught as in ancient times to preserve the origins. The balance between modern technological ways of practice and ancient values make Sul Sa Do a very high standard Martial Art system.


Sul Sa Do


Sul Sa Do - Master Orlando Highlights


Sul Sa Do - Than Bong VS Than Bong


Sul Sa Do - Jang Bong VS Jang Bong


Sul Sa Do - Calcio laterale volante e rottura di tavola


Sul Sa Do - Flavio breaks board *1


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