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Yusul is either a specific or generic ancient Korean martial art. Historically this term may have specified the old Korean martial art of taekkyeon, but it is unsure.
Originally, Korea was divided into three kingdoms: Silla in the southeastern part of the country, Goguryeo (Koguryo) in the northern part, and Baekje located west of Silla.
In the 18th century, even the king practiced Yusul, as the text Dongsa-gangmok (동사강목) from this time suggests:

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Yusul took a heavy blow during the Joseon period, which was founded on the ideology of Confucianism, stressing literary art instead of martial art. Yusul was only allowed to be practiced in competitions called subakhui.After three consecutively successful subakhui bouts, only then could the winner become employed as a soldier.
Perhaps during the beginning of the Joseon dynasty Yusul became Taekkyeon.

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