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Ling lom is an indigenous martial art that is practiced in Thailand and Laos. It includes traditional Muay Thai techniques and some ground-fighting methods. Many techniques in Ong Bak, the Thai movie about a Muay Thai warrior, come from ling lom.
Ling Lom, also known as Air Monkey or Dancing Monkey, is a style of martial arts practiced in Thailand and Laos. Ling lom includes both striking and ground-fighting. Ground fighting techniques traditionally taught in Muay Thai, but rarely used in modern sport bouts, are sometimes referred to in Thailand as Ling Lom, though this is not technically correct.
As with the other animal styles of Southeast Asia, Ling Lom is Hindu in origin. The movements and name of the style stem from the fighting techniques of the divine monkey Hanuman described in the Ramayana (Thai: Ramakien, Lao: Pra Lak Pra Lam). It might have been influenced by Chinese martial arts perhaps along China’s borders with Myanmar and Laos.


Ling Lom


Rawai Muay Thai trainer Ling Lom fights in Bangla Stadium...


2015-02 - Ling Lom - Ground Movement Drills


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