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Limalama is an American Polynesian art of self-defense, created and founded by Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega (1931 - 2011). The term "limalama" was coined by Tuiolosega and is a portmanteau derived from the Samoan words "lima" ("five") and "malamalama" ("understanding"). Tuiolosega claimed that it symbolized "knowledge and understanding", and translated it as "hand of wisdom"
Limalama began as a combination of dance movements with striking techniques, based on traditional Samoan dance and combat systems. Tuiolosega codified the art in the 1960s, breaking the techniques down under 13 basic principles. He introduced it in Hawaii in the mid-50s and later established commercial schools in California.

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Limalama is considered a soft martial art, and is characterised by flowing, dance-like movements. Around 60% of its curriculum is based on hand techniques. It also uses holds and takedowns, knife and stick fighting, and kicking.
Limalama classifies techniques into thirteen categories:
Afikau, dance traditions
Amofoe, balance and weight manipulation
Fa’aelise, physical movement and co-ordination

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