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On the slopes of the mountain range "Song" that runs from east to west of Dengfeng County in north China, under one of its most 'important summits, that of Shaoshi, nestled on its slopes among the woods (lin), was built this monastery , which has become one of the most 'famous in the world, which place, it probably also determined the name.
Although the evolution of the fighting techniques of Chinese and Buddhist monks combatants has not yet been fully delineated, scholars and researchers are still meander     in a study related to the comparison between historical events and legends.

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The teaching program by Y.C.W. currently available in almost all schools of Vietnam is divided into the following aspects:
- 108 movements
- Thu dao qyuen (small first idea)
- Khi Cong quyen (base Qi gong)
- Ngu Hinh Qyuen (the summaries of 5 animals)
Forms of individual animals: Tiger; Leopard; Cranes; Snake; Drago.

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