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The Võ Cổ Truyen (or "Vo Thuat Cổ Truyen") is a term for all Vietnamese martial arts traditional. It is composed of a multitude of schools and styles called Mon Phai. Each school (or style) preserves its technical, cultural and philosophical, in particular through Bai Thao. Bai Thao drives are solo, with bare hands or with traditional weapons, which consist of reproducing a codified fight against one or more imaginary attackers. They resemble some famous katas Japanese or poumsés of taekwondo and are generally specific to the school or style vo co truyen taught.
The origins of these different schools are many and varied. Some are part of the history of Vietnam , others have Chinese origins (we then talk about Sino-Vietnamese styles, like Thieu Lam Vietnamese equivalent of Shaolin Kung Fu , or Vinh Xuan, equivalent Wing Chun ), Indonesian, Cambodian, etc.

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Vo Thuat CO Truyen Vietnam - Vo Tu Ve - Vo Tu Do


Vo co truyen-Bach Ho Lam Da Nang- tuyet ky cui cho


Bắc Việt võ - võ thuật cổ truyền dân tộc H'mông


Bieu dien Festival Vo Co Truyen 2010


thất sơn thần quyền - Võ cổ truyền


Võ Cổ Truyền tại Học Viện An Ninh Nhân Dân


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