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Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, also known as Cumbrian Wrestling, or more commonly Cumberland Wrestling, is an ancient and well-practised tradition in Cumbria. It bears enough of a resemblance to Scottish Backhold, which is practised just north of the border, for them to be classed under the joint heading North Country style.
The origin of the North Country style of wrestling is a matter of debate, with some describing it as having evolved from Norse wrestling brought over by Viking invaders. Other historians associate it with the Cornish and Gouren styles indicating that it may have developed out of a longer-standing Celtic tradition, and the Fédération International des Luttes Celtique classes Cumberland wrestling as Celtic.

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The starting backhold position involves the wrestlers standing chest to chest, grasping each other around the body with their chins on their opponent's right shoulder. The right arm of each contestant is positioned under his opponent's left arm. Once the grip is taken the umpire gives the signal to start the contest by calling "en guard", then "wrestle". The wrestlers attempt to unbalance their opponent, or make them lose their hold, using methods such as lifting throws known as "hipes", twisting throws such as "buttocks" and trips like the inside click, cross click, back heel or outside stroke. This is known as a "fall".
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