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Jieishudan (Japanese: “measures to defend oneself”) is a system of self defence, based in the United Kingdom. Jieishudan can be classified as a hybrid martial art as it incorporates elements of grappling, ground fighting, boxing, etc.
Jieishudan is a UK-based hybrid martial art employing boxing, grappling, and ground-fighting techniques. Developed in the early 1980s, it is an unstructured, nonprofit-making organization that teaches self-defense at youth clubs and is aimed at teenagers who learn how to defend through martial arts training and improve their physical health.

- The emphasis of Jieishudan is on self-defence, has no forms or katas and no uniform.
- Jieishudan is not practised as a sport and as such has no competitive aspect or competitions.
- Training involves but is not limited to full contact sparring, bag work and endurance drills.
- All kicks are kept below the waist for speed and to avoid being grabbed by an opponent.
- Advanced students learn to defend against various weapons such as knives, sticks, etc.
- There is a system of grading where belt ranks are awarded.
- There are 7 grading levels for students over the age of 16 and 10 gradings for under 16 year olds.


Jieishudan Techniques 1


Jieishudan Sparring Practice 1


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Jieishudan Ground Spar Practice 4


Jieishudan Sparring Practice 6


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