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Spirit Combat Ju-jitsu is a synthesis of many different martial arts styles. The originator and Grandmaster, Brian Dossett has learned many martial ways on his travels and has brought what he feels is the best of all of them together in a modern martial system. Based on Ju-jitsu it also incorporates ideas from Karate, Kung-Fu, Aikido, and Western boxing into separate syllabuses for adults and juniors.
It offers children, teenagers, and adults the opportunity to practice the ancient forms of Ju-jitsu in a modern format. Training still includes the basic skills of blocking, striking, escaping, throwing, falling, and grabbing. Students learn in a one to one 'opponent' format - in the higher grades, multiple attackers are introduced.

This modern approach to martial arts allows Spirit Combat Ju-jitsu to use English language instead of Japanese, to pay attention to the individual abilities and potential of each student and to include an awareness of the most up-to-date sports science and safe training principles. We encourage the participation of the whole family. Spirit Combat has a unique syllabus for children up to the age of fourteen, which pays special attention to the needs and limitations of the physical and emotional well-being of young people. The children's syllabus ensures healthy, safe, and disciplined practice in a controlled and fun atmosphere.


Kancho/Sifu Adrian Demonstrating energy release...


Spirit Combat Demonstration


Spirit Combat - Form1


Spirit Combat Forms


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...soon online!!!

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