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Baton Francais or Canne de combat is a French martial art. As weapon, it uses a cane or canne (a kind of walking-stick) designed for fighting. Canne de combat was standardized in the 1970s for sporting competition by Maurice Sarry. The canne is very light, made of chestnut wood and slightly tapered. A padded suit and a fencing mask are worn for protection.
The “Canne de Combat” or “Canne d’Arme” is a product of French history and culture. It developed in the early 19th century as a self-defence discipline and was particularly used by upper class "bourgeois" gentlemen in big, unsafe cities such as Paris.

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Canne de combat is based on six techniques, combinations, and other elements (jumps, voltes, hand switches).
• Brisé
• Croisé téte
• Latéral croisé ( tête, flanc, bas: head, torso, leg/low)
• Latéral extérieur ( tête, flanc, bas: head, torso, leg/low )
• Enlevé

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Bâton français


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Le bâton fédéral ou bâton français


Bâton francais - Bâton fe´de´ral


Combat Bâton Français, ACME - A Votre Bon Coeur (2)


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