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The art of Lutte Parisienne, or Parisian wrestling played a major role in the progressive development of Savate- French boxing during the 1800s.
In France the Greco-Roman style of wrestling was practiced as early as the 1ST century AD, and by the 19th Century it had become so popular that it was simply referred to as “French Wrestling”.
French wrestling attracted all classes of society, from the ordinary commoners to members of royalty itself, and the popularity it commanded was considerable. Indeed, one of the most famous men of all France during the Renaissance period was a wrestler and swordsman called Pietro Monte.

La Lutte techniques were also utilized in the self-defense system of Savate which came to called ‘Defense dans la Rue” (DDLR). Drawing techniques from the older traditional fighting methods such as Savate, English boxing, Lutte and at a later stage Japanese Jiu-jitsu, DDLR was not surprisingly also influenced by the dirty tricks of the French Apache street fighters. The architects of DDLR Julien Leclerc and Emile Andre recommended in particular that all students should study the Lutte methods of French instructor Francoise le Bordelais.
La Lutte techniques that were feasible in DDLR were often utilized in conjunction with hitting, eye gouging, biting and fish –hooking. Strikes and ripping skills were often used to soften up the opponent before, during and after grappling maneuvers.


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