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Ancient Greek boxing or Pygmachia (Greek: πυγμαχία pygmachia, "fist fighting") dates back to at least the eighth century BCE (Homer's Iliad), and was practiced in a variety of social contexts in different Greek city-states. Most extant sources about ancient Greek boxing are fragmentary or legendary, making it difficult to reconstruct the rules, customs and history surrounding this activity in great detail. Still, it is clear that gloved boxing bouts were a significant part of ancient Greek athletic culture throughout the early classical period.
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The currently accepted rules of ancient Greek boxing are based on historical references and images. Because of the few intact sources and references to the sport, the rules can only be inferred.
No holds or wrestling
Any type of blow with the hand was allowed but no gouging with the fingers
No ring was used
There were no rounds or time limits
Victory was decided when one fighter gave up or was incapacitated

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