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The Baranta body movements desired by the historic meeting of Hungarian culture war to create the ninety evolved Hungarian martial arts style.
While Eastern styles of the masters can be traced back hundreds of generations, in the case of a continuous Baranta can only cultural reality. The first military groups fighting in professional knowledge of coaching, systems of personality forming is information about 1,300 years later.
The old Hungarians are not completely separated into individual sessions, for which members of the military community, "preparation", basic social task for you. Functionality Baranta called 500 consecutive year limited laws and local regulations.

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The exercises may play an important role in shaping the fegyveres- old war dances and instrumental, many Baranta fight deal with sex, long-range conventional weapons into the mix immediately. The main weapons: bows, swords, sword, short and hosszúbot, fustély (this is also a botféleség) kelevéz, launches, graduation, shield, ax, whip, battle stars, knife. The Baranta endeavor to implement a variety of weapons in combat situations, so virtually all the weapons that are used during the exercise, will also appear in the races, of course, accompanied by proper protective equipment.
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