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Kassai Lajos (Kaposvár, 1960. September 16) íjkészíto, Hungarian archery creator of the sport, the Hungarian Republic, Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit holder. He is married and has a daughter.
Originally educated fixer Kassai Lajos 1980 half initially faced íjkészítéssel second job, and then rebuilt the conquest of the former Hungarian bow, and now full-time, first in the world started this sorozatgyártásába. All kinds of traditional bow tie, including Scythian, Hungarian, Hun (typical asymmetric bow) Avars, Mongols and laminated arches. Strengths up from # 25 to # 110 masterpieces products and lightweight versions of these children, about 25 # - # 40 strengths. While adult men also prefer the # 40 - # 50 prefer using bows strength, so strong versions are also popular.

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In 1980, at the end of the work of the archery competition, the regulatory system, then started the new sport spread, initially in Hungary and in the 1990s, the beginning of Europe, the United States and Canada . In Japan he met Zen archery, and then in China, Shao -line went on a study tour. It summarizes the experience in his book on horseback archery, which has since been published in English and German translation. Currently, fourteen countries have organized on the basis of the school Košice archery center that the World Cup will be organized regularly.
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