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Some forms of martial arts were already present in classical civilizations of Europe. Nell ' ancient Greece fighting spirit was part of the lifestyle and boxing (pygme , pyx), the fight ( blades ) and the pankration ( pankration , from pan , meaning "everything" and kratos , meaning "strength") were among the forms of competition Olympic most appreciated. A Roma were practiced boxing techniques arising from pancrazio and arenas clashed gladiators sometimes in combat martial.
Some forms of traditional fencing (those forms of fencing created before the three classical fencing weapons included in the modern Olympic Games) have survived, and many groups are working to reconstruct the ancient martial arts in Europe. The reconstruction process is carried out through the study of paintings and representations of diagrams of movement. This is however not enough to steal the dynamics of a martial art, and become necessary practical experiments. Generally people involved in the reconstruction of a martial art expert are also in a similar I've still a living tradition, from which draw on principles common to both.

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