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In Irish martial arts, bataireacht is the various forms of stick-fighting from Ireland. Today the word bataireacht is used amongst Irish- and some English-language speakers to distinguish between traditional and non-traditional stick-fighting styles.
The Irish have used various sticks and cudgels as weapons of self-defence for centuries.Since ancient times, the arts of stick fighting had been handed down from fathers to sons or learned in traditional military fencing schools. The shillelagh is still identified with Irish popular culture to this day, although the arts of bataireacht are much less so. The sticks used for bataireacht are not of a standardised size, as there are various styles of bataireacht, using various kinds of sticks.

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The modern practice of bataireacht has arisen amongst some practitioners from a desire to maintain or reinstate Irish family traditions, while for others a combination of historical and cultural interest has led to their interest. Practitioners, which started independently of each other, exist in Ireland, the United States, Canada and Germany. Bataireacht has also gained popularity amongst non-Irish people, especially in the United States, as a form of self-defence, especially as a cane or walking stick can be easily carried in modern society. As with most martial arts, multiple versions exist.
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