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Liu Bo is an Italian martial art that has its origins from Sicily. The Sicilian name “Paranza” is the name of the staff and gave the name to this martial arts in Sicily. The art of the paranza, that is the wielding of a staff to attack or defend, was handed on from father to son in Sicily.
A lot of shepherds were masters of this art, and usually would challenge each other to resolve honor related questions. In these last years the rules have been codified by the CSEN (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale) making it become an official sport in Italy.

The Liu-bo (only Italian sport) derives from the Sicilian baton, technique of defense and offense with the baton handed down by father in child for by oral and secret estate from some old ones that before dying they left herin inheritance to their favorite. In the last centuries, they started to be born the first clandestine schools and the first various methods. Among the most known they were her “fiorata”, her “wisecrack”, her “rotated” that I believe they were inspired today still to the show of the pupis alive in Sicily.


liu bo paranza siciliana 1 parte 2009


Liu-Bo - 1° Trofeo Etna - 2010 - Combattimento...


liu-bo: dimostrazioni del maestro Giuseppe Mangano




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