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Gladiator was a special fighter ancient Rome. The name comes from the sword, a small short sword used very often in the fighting. The practice of duels between gladiators comes from Etruria and, like many other aspects of Etruscan culture, even that was adopted by the Romans.
Its origin is to be attached to the establishment of the so-called munus, a "duty", an "obligation", a private bounty to provide a service or a contribution to his community. In ancient Rome, the munera were then the public works carried out for the sake of the Roman people from wealthy individuals and high ranking.
The munera differed instead by Ludi, "games", shows sponsored by the state.

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Training gladiatorial combat in the arena took place in special schools (ludi) managed by an owner who rented lanista called gladiators organizer     (editor or munerarius) of the gladiatorial shows, the munera, drawing from their own profit that was not even less if the gladiator had died during the fight; in this     If in fact the editor, in addition to paying the price of engagement, risarciva lanista to the value of the gladiator, a kind of compensation for his loss of future earnings. The activities lanista was generally little esteemed in the Roman world and considered the lowest level, even lower than that of pimps.
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