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The Lotta greco romana is a discipline Olympic. Unlike wrestling in the fight greek-Roman you can not perform techniques knockdown or tilting providing actions on the legs.
The International Federation representing the sport is the United World Wrestling (UWW) while at Italian is on the Italian Federation Judo Karate Martial Arts (FIJLKAM).
The fight Olympic are run by a single federation, the UWW (United World Wrestling). The official language is French , in tribute to Pierre de Coubertin who wanted the fight between the Olympic sports. The fight greek-Roman is one of two styles of wrestling practiced in the Olympics, the other style is the fight freestyle.

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The main objective in the fight greek-Roman is, in the fight standing, in being able to bring his opponent to the mat, through screenings width, with folding forward, bending backward, with rotation of the trunk; through the passage behind with knockdowns or crushing, to finish the action, if possible, doing both shoulders resting on the ground opponent after immobilization (pinfall). In the fight to the ground the goal is the same, and if possible reverse pinned his opponent through the rolling action, detachment and projection or by the action on the arms and neck (half nelson etc ...).
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