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The continuous evolution of the fencing methods brought the stick to follow the lines of development indicated by Art Marziale Italian Fencing.
Towards the nineteenth century the Masters of Art of schermire thanks to the notions obtained in previous centuries (notions of practical use of course), developed methods that soon became real schools Fencing Club coded.
This impulse to the technical development was also favored by the ban on carrying weapons for whoever did not cover assignments of police and military.
So stick with both hands and walking stick hiss in the hands of fencers and in the halls of many good fencing masters of the sword and scabbard are also talented teachers in the Fencing club, how to fight with their bare hands and fencing short dagger.
As in previous centuries Master Fencing Master is a complete arms, paid in various forms of combat and Defense, according to the philosophy of the ancient school where fencing is complete Martial Art in armis and sine armis.


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Scherma col bastone a Milano - Canne italiana Full Contact


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...soon online!!!

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