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This training system is based on instinct reactions. It is simple, efficient and proven in direct combat confrontations. BAS has been for 30 Year methodological and training basis for personal protection team worldwide. The trainees are learning and practicing the utilitarian techniques and suppression techniques, which are aimed to temporarily the opponent by causing a permanent injury.
The BAS Combat System includes training with bayonet , shovel, handcuffs and carbines. The BAS combat system, due to its efficiency, has been developed and designed exclusively for military and special police detachments operating in war zone.
The creator of Polandís first direct combat system is Dr Andrzej Bryl, expert in Marshal arts and a long time expert for Polish Military and Law Enforcement Units in hand to hand combat.


BAS-3 | Combat Kalaki Prezentacja w Progamie MdM


Szkolenie BAS - Dolsk 2009


usc bas 3


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