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Armeiskii rukopashnyi boi (ARB) (Russian: Армейский рукопашный бой; Армейский Рукопашный Бой; Armeyski Rukopashnyy Boy; English: Army Hand-to-Hand Combat) is a Russian martial art of training for protection and attack receptions that incorporated many functional elements from an arsenal of individual hand-to-hand combat and martial arts styles from around the world, and has been used in real fighting activities. The modern and quickly developing form of the martial art is single combat which have received popularity for full contact duels while offering minimum risk of trauma to sportsmen.
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A distinctive part of ARB that sets it apart from other full contact single combat martial arts is the possibility of finishing with the opponent on hands and feet from a standing position. The opponent may call "Stop", as some kicks on the head of the opponent may not be protected by a helmet, and can lead to heavy damages that interrupt the sport immediately. Blows of the opponent by a foot in a head is a knock-down to the fighter who has performed such a blow.
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Армейский рукопашный бой. (Russian army hand-to-hand fight)


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