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All that relates to Kolo Yar has the sun (day) - the moon (at night) components - from philosophy, physical movement, training functions of art. Many people practice Kolo Yar today as an exercise in health, but is also very effective internal martial art. Kolo Yar, with its soft, slow movements, it can be difficult to be accepted as a combat system for some people, but this is what it is, which is what has been for many generations.
In Slavic traditional martial art training, the emphasis of Kolo Yar is more about preparation and development of internal power than the individual technique as in most styles of martial arts outside.

The training is focused on the application of each movement, but on the development of oneself totally so that the body becomes supple and flexible, furniture feet, hands     They are fast, and there is proper timing running. These are the essential ingredients in combat. With a style unique training, practice Kolo Yar only form with the following three principles in mind: 1. Softness controls Hardness The reason Kolo Yar favors soft on the disc is in part based on the principle of the soft overcoming hard as described by Bo-Yan "Russian Weda "(Sacred Russian (Slavic) books until Christmas).


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