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ROSS is its official name given by the All-Russian Federation of Russian Martial Arts (RFRMA). It is conceived more as a methodology of performance enhacement for combat, applicable to any martial art, rather than a closed system.
General Retuinskih’s experience includes being a USSR Boxing and Combat Sambo champion, and a Sambo and Judo Master of Sports champion, as well as being the partner to Alexey Kadochnikov in Kadochnikov’s Systema until their separation in 1991.
In 1991, Alexander Retuinskih patented Rossijskaya Otechestvennaya Systema Samozashchity or in acronym, R.O.S.S., “Russian Native System of Self-defense.” .

R.O.S.S. students develop through principle based learning as opposed to set techniques and routines. The five principles guide striking, falling, grappling, neutralizing and weapon work. Triangle, Question Mark, Carousel, Spiral and Figure Eight are principles applied to an attacker. R.O.S.S. defence using these principles requires the user to innately develop a sound awareness of body mechanics, anatomy, kinesiology and physiology.
The Effortless-Relaxation Principle develops an understanding around the psychology of aggression/anxiety management. R.O.S.S. is practical and effective when applied.


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