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Historical fencing in Scotland, there is some evidence on historical fencing as practiced in Scotland in the Early Modern Era, especially fencing with the Scottish basket-hilted broadsword during the 17th to 18th centuries.
Most of our current knowledge of these arts derives from various combative treatises or Martial arts manuals, as well as written anecdotes (i.e. battle accounts, folklore, etc.) and artistic representations from different periods and locations in Scottish history (see Penicuik Sketches).

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The Highland Broadsword texts of the 1700s portray 7 cuts and numerous guards. The footwork is sword leg forward (usually right leg) with the other leg behind, similar to modern fencing. Traversing footwork allows one to step off the center-line of attack, either to right or left. The following Guards are listed in these texts:
Inside Guard: Defends the left side of your face (or if you are left handed, the right side of your face)
Outside Guard: Defends the right side of your face (i.e. sword arm side). Typically one's default guard.

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