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Byxhast-Balgtag is the name of the fight Sweden martial arts system used by the Vikings over 1,200 years ago. The word glíma in Old Norse means glimpse or flash, which describes the systems techniques.
Glima as a self-defence system contains throws, blows, kicks, chokes, locks, pain techniques and weapon techniques, and is comparable with the best complete martial arts systems from around the world. Glima as self-defence was the foundation for the Viking warrior, and these techniques are still practiced in Scandinavia, Europe, North America and South America. Glima as a sport covers several types of Scandinavian folk wrestling: Brokartök, Hryggspenna, and Lausatök.

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The glyme differs from other styles of wrestling for four main points:
• Participants must remain upright;
• Participants rotate clockwise around them (similar to a waltz), in order to create opportunities for attack / defense and avoid a stall;
• It is not allowed to fall on the opponent or push it down by force, they are not considered sports;
• It is assumed that the wrestlers from watching their backs as it is considered more legitimate fight using tact and sensitivity rather than the view.

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