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Nearu (literally meaning Force in Persian) is a martial art focusing on self-defense and breath-control techniques. Based on using inner power and mind-body harmony, Nearu was founded in 1990 by UK-based Iranian martial artist Amir Lotfi Azad and belongs to soft martial arts school.
Nearu is considered a relatively young art, however some of its elements are rooted in forgotten ancient mind control techniques.
This martial art is unique in the focus and time spent on developing and delivering the inner power through consistent practices of its special breathing techniques.

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Khiz and Gaam movements both start from the guard position and consist 10 and 20 techniques respectively. Khiz movements are basic punches and kicks, while Gaam techniques consist of a defensive movement to block or dodge the incoming attack, and then an attacking move. Walk techniques start from the normal standing position and are most useful for self-defense situations. There are 20 Walk techniques.
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