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Abir is a the name of the fighting technique taught by Yehoshua Sofer in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Sofer claims to have a family tradition of the Abir Warrior Arts, which he says were used by ancient Israelite warriors.
Yehoshua Soferís Abir martial art form is based on fighting techniques that he learned from his grandfather and father. The history of these techniques is that at one time ancient Israel had fighting techniques, which was both hand to hand and also weaponized in nature. It is believed that while most Jewish communities did not continue to train in Abir, some exotic Jewish communities in Arabia and in parts of Asia were able to maintain elements of the techniques.

Abirís movements are based on elements of Judaic principles and symbolic elements. The Abir approach is made up of a combination of the following elements.
- Judaic symbols
- The Ancient Hebrew and Modern Hebrew alphabets.
- Techniques passed down by Jewish communities such as the Habbani Jews.
- Jewish dances from various exotic or ancient communities, which are believed to have been a part of an ancient Abir combat system.


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