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Turkish War Art Sayokan rooted in Central Asia, Turkey is a martial art created in the information strategies compiled about 16 thousand years of Turkish history. Nihat Yigit was raised and was accepted by the world, it has presented to the world as an official branch. Sayokan World Federation, 7 December, was established in Turkey in 2005. Nihat Yigit this system, "the road and Blood Warrior" sentence was appropriate, has been shortened by the head syllable of the word in this sentence. With his statement, "Warrior" Mete Khan from physical need as Atatürk, as well as spiritual, mental abilities and righteousness with unique dignitaries our commander our heroes of our "Road" is the unique people of the ability and the path to righteousness.
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This understanding person right and left at the same level develop skills in the art. In the teachings of the size of the created universe knows this understanding and learn the balance of negative and positive life values.
This understanding is not in the technical areas of application in other martial arts. All basic techniques are tools in the limbs, supportive, body-enhancing elements of the acceleration forces. For example, the technical arm of the punch and hand tools. Fist support are other muscle groups in the body gives impetus and momentum.

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Türk Dövüs Sanati - Sayokan


Sayokan 5 AIG


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Sayokan Savasçinin Yolu


Sayokan 3 AIG


SAYOKAN Öz Türk Savas Sanati (2)


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