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Okichitaw is a martial art based on the fighting techniques of the Plains Cree First Nations. It was founded and developed by Canadian martial artist, George J. LÚpine.
In his youth, founder George J. LÚpine learned traditional wrestling, tomahawk throwing and hand-to-hand combat techniques (miche che kiske). He also trained in judo, taekwondo and hapkido. LÚpine developed Okichitaw and established Okichitaw in Toronto, Canada. He is the Director and Chief Instructor ("Okimikahn Kiskino Huma Kew" in Cree). George LÚpine is Michif Plains-Cree from Manitoba and learned traditional hunting and tracking practices from a very young age.

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Weapons are introduced early in a student's training because of the influence of the weapons on the hand-to-hand techniques. The main weapons used in the Okichitaw martial arts system are the Gunstock Warclub and the Long Knife. Although only advanced students will train with these weapons, all hand techniques of Okichitaw are based on the hand positioning and attack applications of these specific weapons.
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Gunstock War Club (Notini-Mistik) Throw OKICHITAW


OKICHITAW Gunstock & Knife Movement


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