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Retsuken Ryu is a term that literally translates from Japanese as technical end fist or end combat technique.
The Retsuken Ryu martial art is the first Costa Rican, created by sensei Carlos Orozco, who after years of training in various arts managed to acquire his own technique. Black belt in karate and tangsudo, began his martial arts training in its infancy with the tae kwon do, also practicing boxing. After joining a cargo ship traveled around the world which led him to discover various types of not so traditional martial arts, and even fight for money a very profitable activity in a freighter.

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Retsuken basic position is very similar to the Muay Thai, with the difference that the hands are not as high, one at the height of the eyebrow and the other on the chin , but serve the same purpose which is to cover only the face and the stomach and ribs are trained to receive impacts; in the case of the legs the legs are used for the impact either directly or leg locks plant. The position is at an angle of 45 degrees in relation to the opponent to expose at least the fields of impact you can use the adversary, this with the hip side but looked forward to not neglect the opponent.
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Retsuken Ryu Combate


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Retsuken Ryu combate


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