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The native peoples of North America had their own martial training which began since childhood. Many Native Americans considered themselves warriors and trained with bows , knives , spears , axes and war clubs. These were considered the most noble martial weapons, with which disputed duels. The warriors acquired their skills over and the club for their entire lives. According to historical records more recent, they showed an impressive ability to use war clubs, so as to be compared to the masters of European sword.
Excluding the fighting arts of Native Americans in North America were mainly imported European ones as a result of colonization (such as boxing , the fencing and the fight ), and later those in Asia who have had a remarkable expansion and development in XX century . The exception is the jeet kune do , fighting style developed by the famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee . Although he was considered by his own inventor a "no style", jeet kune do has its own techniques and strategies to combat. This combat system is distinguished primarily by the technical background is essential and to be characterized by movements very fluid and adaptable. Bruce Lee was inspired by the principles of boxing and fencing and to a small extent to the Wing Chun and other fighting styles Chinese.

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