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The system of Defense Kansen Ryu (pronounced Kaisen Ryu) was born in Cuba, conceived by the Masters Pablo Silvente Laffita, instructor of special troops and Cuban expert in martial arts and his Karate instructor Cuspinera JosÚ Fernando Navarro, who has over 20 years of experience as a teacher in the specialty of Karate Operations and Defense. He was born in 1982 as a system, characterized by grades ranging from '' 8th Kyu up to 6th Dan and categories of teachers assistant instructor, Instructor auxiliary, main Instructor, Instructor and Teacher with two programs of physical training involving physical preparation General and specific physical preparation that complement the basic training of 'expert in Defense Kansen Ryu.

And 'subject to the rules of operation, the laws that guide the social life of each country, which may be more or less moderate, intense, specialized or extreme, depending on the social and political situation of the moment. In some countries of the democratic regime, the excesses in 'policing are penalized by law, with certain exceptions for individuals with high potential delinquent and dangerous. The Defense Police, for his view, is more targeted to the protection of the citizen, social support, and has a more preventive and repressive. However, in countries of totalitarian regimes, the Defense Police does not apply only to maintain 'social order, but also to suppress the behavior of opponents of the regime, which often do not constitute a crime under the laws of democratic societies, nor violations social discipline.




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