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The Fight Tolete or Tolete Canario is an art original combat the Canary Islands. Tolete word means short and strong suit; us from the past with a strong combat system (hence the terms "homer" or "toletiada" The wooden weapon measured from the shoulder to the fingertips, his grip is central with one hand and used the two ends in continuous reels, ties, sliding ...
The aboriginals were in livestock their main source of income, but in the ocean, more true danger for both aspects of Aboriginal life, the struggle for sustenance and struggle for freedom made use of sturdy logs, iron calls for its hardness, it was praparada with fire and ointments.
Today many varieties of management "Sticks" are recognized, some longer than others, or more or less thick, highlighting combat techniques with Garrote Fight (an instrument of stout stick and can be as tall as a person, used on grazing and as fast ferrules to cross ravines) and struggles with Tolete (hardened piece of wood about half a meter long, thick they used to spur the animals on the sidewalks) both types of clubs, also had another purpose that depending on the needs, he could become the main, because at any time ... also served to redeem occasional differences with neighbor or get rid of highway robbers.
Ancient Canarios for its ongoing tribal clashes, for pastures or livestock, perfected the original and primitive techniques each club based on their size, thickness and objectives, perfection that over the centuries, and the constant readjustment of its skills in battle against pirates, buccaneers and alleged conquerors, who came to plunder called Fortunate Islands (from the Egyptians, Arabs and Romans to Dutch, English, Portuguese and Spanish).

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