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In Haiti, the traditional art of machete fencing goes by many names, among them Tire Machèt (“Pulling Machetes”). Tire Machèt has roots in the Haitian Revolution, when the revolutionaries were often forced to fight with fewer guns than soldiers. Its combination of African stick-fighting techniques and European fencing proved highly effective both in battle and as a means of individual self-defense. Since that time, a multitude of styles and training methods have proliferated. Though many of these practices remain shrouded in secrecy, Haitian master fencer Alfred Avril extended an invitation to foreigners serious about learning this martial art to come to Haiti to train with him. Over the course of our ten-year collaboration, we have had the opportunity to learn and to introduce many others to his practice.


Haitian Machete Fighting 01


Training with students of Professor Avril ~ Haitian Machete...


Professor Avril training Mike with blades ~ Haitian Machete...


'Papa Machete': The Art of Haitian Machete Fencing


Art of Haitian Machete Fighting Revived


The Haitian Machete Fencing Project - Update #1


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...soon online!!!

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