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Xilam mexican martial arts is one of those contemporary versions of mystical Marital arts approach invented by profesora Marisela Ugalde Velazquez she seems to try to give a new cool looking approach to the spirit warrior of the Mexicas, giving names of the sacred animals to the different forms that are clearly based on kung fu techniques or sort, this particular school makes an effort to combine the disciplines of prehispanic dancing (concheros), ancient ball game and karate, the result look kinda awesome. Other cool feature of this new version of Mexican martial arts is the use of the traditional weaponry, shields, sea shells, and the deathly Macuahuitl a weapon that resembles a sword, made out of wood with sharp obsidian stones on both sides, a elite warrior weapon.


Xilam, arte marcial mexicano.


Xilam Exhibición 2014


Xilam - Aplicación básica venado


Xilam: Partes de la Secuencia de Chuyites y Chuyas


Danza Guerrera Xilam - Expo Artes Marciales


Xilam Exhibición Xochimilco 2013


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...soon online!!!

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