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Yaomachtia is supposedly a Mexican martial art used by the Mexican military in ancient times. Yaomachtia translates into ” warrior teachings” Yaomachtia comes from the two Nahuatl words Yaotl- warrior and machtia- to study. They built temples, schools, and universities to teach Mexican men how to become deadly war machines.
At least that was what the inventor Manuel Lozana says he also mentions that this ancient combat system its still practiced in the state of Guerrero, he goes on to show a picture of a Tecuhan Dancer ( traditional folk dance of Guerrero) and declares him as and old warrior that fights whit a jaguar suit (we will see whats the real story behind this).
There is a full set of videos still online depicting the diffident techniques, nothing really special about them, but some are funny as hell, most look like basic defense martial arts, still Manuel thought that a Aztec suit, a machete and the concheros music will make it look more mystical, this fits right in the constant scam on the martial arts scene of the 80s.


Yaomachtia 2010


Yaomachtia: Meso-American Martial Art Machete...


Yaomachtia: Empty Hands Disarming the Machete #4.


Kashi-Porrazo: Meso-American Stick Fighting. Technique #2...


Yaomachtia: Meso-American Martial Art. Knife vs. Knife #6.


Yaomachtia: Meso-American Martial Art. Deadly Hands...


...soon online!!!

...soon online!!!

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