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American Karate is a generic term generally referring to a hybridized martial art system that employs cross-training with more traditional martial art styles identifying themselves as a form of Karate.
In 1946 Robert Trias, a returning U.S. Navy veteran, began teaching private lessons in Phoenix, Arizona. Other early teachers of karate in America were Ed Parker (a native Hawaiian and Coast Guard veteran who earned a black belt in 1953), George Mattson (who began studying while stationed in Okinawa in 1956) and Peter Urban (another Navy veteran who started training in the late 1950s).

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As such, American Karate incorporates the various aspects of many forms that were most important to their founding practitioners. American Karate take what it perceives as the best of the art from traditional East Asian martial arts. American Karate by its own nature focuses primarily on the "sporting aspects" relying on and obtained through sparring. In practical terms, sparring is offered to assist the student by demonstrating the physical and mental relationship of their action to their opponent's response and again, back to their counter strike, or evasive maneuver. American Karate generally tends to employ a less formal, or traditional approach to the self-defense regimen.
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